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Comment: Re:e.e. cummings approves (Score 1) 968 968

Or using whatever method they chose to invoke caps lock. While it's true that they have removed the caps lock key, they still have a caps lock indicator and presumably caps lock in some form, possibly long pressing shift or something like that. The Caps Lock Indiciator can be seen on the leaked slide of the keyboard.

Comment: Re:At least their spam filter still works (Score 1) 93 93

Actually, it's not required by Swedish law. There would be many free speech issues with such regulation. However, the companies realize that it's in their best interest not to ignore the wishes of the people they want to do business with, so they are generally respected. Some companies who deliver the flyers independently chose to ignore this, most notably real estate agents, pizza places with home delivery and political parties.

Not delivering mail (junk or not) addressed to you would be illegal, though.

Comment: Eight ISPs and counting(?) (Score 3, Informative) 92 92

Actually, eight different ISPs have vowed not to keep these records, instead promising to respect the integrity of their users. They've set up a small organization for this purpose at [in swedish]. Tele2 is by far the largest ISP to join so far, though.

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