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Comment Re:And the funny bit is... (Score 1) 166 166

Flaming liberal here. USA PATRIOT act still horrendously evil, should be completely eliminated and I'd also be cool with spankings for all those involved in its creation who aren't into that sort of thing. To say that Obama has been a disappointment in this area is something of an understatement.

Comment Just a setup for other books. (Score 1) 470 470

Read the author's notes sometime. This film has languished for years because Ender's game itself was just a series of short stories he adapted into a real book, with a final intent that he could have established characters with which to launch Speaker for the Dead.

The movie will probably be some fun special effects and a thoroughly good adaptation of the Ender/Bean books...but remember that the story is meant to be way more than this.

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