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Comment Re: If you read in between the lines (Score 4, Insightful) 90

What are you talking about? You might not have like the ads, but we never lied about anything. Our service was super clear about how it worked. And for those who didn't like the redirection, it has always been possible to create an account and disable that part of the service.

Comment Re:Business model (Score 5, Informative) 90

We have been building a data privacy and data usage policy document that we plan to release soon.

One of the many, many reasons to turn off ads is that we had to share some potentially personally identifiable information with ad partners (indirectly when making ad requests, they would just see it in the ad request), so by turning off ads, our privacy / data policy will be a lot more clear and will not need to have weird "certain third parties for certain services" kind of language to address the advertising business.

We're waiting to turn off ads, we'll get the document cleaned up, and we'll publish it.


Comment Re:Business model (Score 5, Informative) 90

Nope. Never.

We wouldn't make such a case for turning off ads if this was our business model going forward. You could visit our site and see how we make money. We sell security services. We never could have done it without first being a consumer service, but we're not selling your data. Come on.


Comment Re:If you read in between the lines (Score 5, Informative) 90

Nope. Never. We've never sold our data. We've never even used it for marketing purposes internally.

We've only ever made money from one of three things: Ads, selling individuals an ad-free version, and enterprise security services.

Today, most all of our revenue, and all of our growth, comes from selling enterprise security. If you work in IT, it's worth checking out to improve your security posture. There's a lot more to it than you might guess.



Submission + - Nominations for the 2011 SysAdmin Awards->

davidu writes: "We SysAdmins never get the love. We often save the day and because we do, nobody notices or even knows what we did.

That's why July is SysAdmin Appreciation Month and nominations for the 2011 SysAdmin Awards end on July 12th. Nominate yourself, or your favorite SysAdmin hero to receive recognition and an award."

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Comment Re:This is not accurate (Score 1) 187

He titled his blog post "In a CDN'd world, OpenDNS is the enemy!" not "Using third-party DNS resolvers can in some cases cause suboptimal server targeting."

I thought my response and followups were fairly even-keeled all things considered but appreciate the feedback. I have no ill will to the author and welcome his further tests.

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