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Journal: Slacker

Journal by datavortex
Yeah, yeah, so I'm a slack monkey, and I've not been updating this damn thing, shoot me. It's nagging, though, to see that "Last updated" be so old every time I check my news. /me sighs. I've been really busy with work and stuff, and the fact that we were all but launched into war on Tuesday isn't helping that much either. I've ben trying to keep getting shit up on everything, it's a fun little place.

Not much going on in my life right now I'm afraid, aside from the depression, which I've grown used to, and the massive amounts of work, which I'm about to get back to...

I just want 3.0 to come out, and my DSL installed, and then I can go install my new slash site, and all will be well...

User Journal

Journal: New Temporary Page

Journal by datavortex
So I'm going to try to use this for now as my new temporary page. For one thing, I think it will help me get used to administrating my new page. Becuase the Vortex 3 will be based upon slashcode, the same program that runs slashdot, this is similar to how my new page will look. If you want to see some other pages that are similar to what I am designing, check out plastic and MissingMatter, mine will certainly have a different feel, but I like the styles. I wish I could do a graphic feel like this site, but I posess neither the graphical creativity nor expertise. I hope this is easy to maintain. The real thing is undoubtedly going to be orders of magnitude more complex.

Make headway at work. Continue to let things deteriorate at home.