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Submission + - 14 Dead, 50 Injured In Denver Theatre Shooting (9news.com)

beaverdownunder writes: A masked gunman has shot dead at least 14 people and wounded up to 50 others at a premiere showing of the new Batman movie in Colorado.

A man wearing body armour and a gas mask began shooting during the screening at a mall in the Denver suburb of Aurora.

One person has been taken into custody as police sweep the theatre and determine whether a second person was involved.

Comment Re:And this is the problem with America (Score 1) 634

as a curious European I wondered what NPR was. From npr.org:
<meta name="description" content="NPR delivers breaking national and world news. Also top stories from business, politics, heath, science, technology, music, arts and culture. Subscribe to podcasts and RSS feeds."></meta>
Sounds rather heathen.
The Courts

IBM, Intel Execs Arrested Over Insider Trading 198

An anonymous reader writes to share a report from The Register stating that executives from IBM and Intel have been arrested as a part of insider trading allegations. "According to a report from the Associated Press, six people were arrested today as part of an insider trading case, including Bob Moffat, senior vice president and general manager of IBM's Systems and Technology Group; Rajiv Goel, director of strategic investments at Intel Capital; Anil Kumar, a director at management consultancy McKinsey & Co; and Raj Rajaratnam, the founder of the $7bn Galleon Group hedge fund."

Comment Faddy, Faithworthy and Futuramic (Score 1) 341

from byd.com. F3e is a remarkable example of energy-saving, environment-friendly, technology-driven and trendy automotive manufacturing. Inheriting the design concepts of being Faddy, Faithworthy and Futuramic, it has taken the concept of driver-friendly into full consideration It is also equipped with an on-board charger, which is compatible with a standard electric socket (220V 10A). Thanks to BYDâ(TM)s

outstanding technology integration capacity, F3eâ(TM)s cost has been reduced to the maximum extent, laying the foundation for commercialization of F3e.

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