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Comment: Jackass Moment (Score 1) 85

by d'baba (#47991289) Attached to: Device Allows Paralyzed Rats To Walk, Human Trials Scheduled Next Summer

The difference between this and what we did back in the 60's in biology class (making the frog's leg jump with a jolt of electricity) is sad, considering. The control systems are certainly better. Oh, and the marketing, yes.

Wake me when they have a video of a human doing this.

+ - Minnesota Man 3D Prints Life Size Concrete Castle->

Submitted by Bob768
Bob768 (2670995) writes "A man named Andrey Rudenko has begun 3D printing a life size castle in his back yard in Minnesota out of concrete. He developed the 3D printer himself and has ultimate plans of constructing a normal house to live in.

“While other teams are also working on respectable projects in 3D printing construction technology, I have developed a product that is ready for actual-size construction rather than miniature prototypes,” Rudenko told

Images of the castle can be found here. "
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+ - New Raspberry Pi Model B+ Leaked by Mistake->

Submitted by speps
speps (1108625) writes "Hack A Day got news of Element14 of a new model of Raspberry Pi named "B+". This new model is rumored to have 2 additional USB ports, MicroSD, A/V combined into jack port and maybe a new chipset (mentioned in the comments and we can see a Samsung chip in the pictures).

Comments on the official forums seem to have been removed without any explanation. Also the specsheet has leaked from some manufacturers but it might not reflect the exact specs."

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+ - Microsoft takes down domains -> 4

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "For some reason that escapes me, a Judge has granted Microsoft permission to hijack NoIP's dns. This is necessary according to Microsoft to thwart a 'global cybercrime epidemic' being perpetrated by infected Microsoft machines."
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