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Comment: Program scheduling ... (Score 1) 839

by crackerjack911 (#38270062) Attached to: TV Isn't Broken, So Why Fix It?

is the most broken idea in the TV landscape. With current systems, its hard to know if there really isn't anything on or if you're just missing out on that one thing you always wanted to see. I need TV to intelligently learn what I like. Just because I watch that one lousy infomercial that drunk night after the bar doesn't mean thats all I enjoy to watch.

On the other side, I don't need to talk to my TV or flail my arms like an idiot trying to get it to flip channels. I don't see anything wrong with the remote as it exists as an interface tool.

Comment: Plug a barrel with 10,000 holes? (Score 2, Insightful) 250

by crackerjack911 (#33499852) Attached to: NSA Director Says the US Must Secure the Internet

Should the government really be trying to manage security across the ENTIRE internet? Would you rather plug 10,000 holes in an old barrel or just build a new barrel? Maybe I just don't understand the issue enough, but wouldn't a separate Government/Military/infrastructure internet be more viable and easier to implement on existing systems thus costing less? And if you really needed access to the public internet, you could control the points of entry and monitor them much easier and more effectively.

Comment: Online vs Offline XBL? (Score 1) 453

by crackerjack911 (#30176014) Attached to: Xbox Live Class Action Being Investigated

I was an XBL Silver member, never having played a game over the XBL service. I used my system for single player games and local multiplayer. In order to get updates for your xbox, you are required to have an XBL account (or buy a game that has the updates on the disc many months later). I also enjoyed modding games with my PC, so my system was modified. Last week I found I was banned and thus am unable to obtain any further updates on my system.

If this ban wave was made to keep the XBL service free of people altering gameplay in multiplayer games, then why would they bother banning a system that has never once been involved in a multiplayer game?


+ - Uri Geller Accused of Bending Copyright Law->

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JagsLive writes: "FoxNews reports,,2933,288665,00.html " Geller's tireless attempts to silence his detractors have extended to the popular video-sharing site YouTube , landing him squarely in the center of a raging digital-age debate over controlling copyrights amid the massive volume of video and music clips flowing freely online. "All it takes is a single e-mail to completely censor someone on the Internet," said Jason Schultz, a lawyer for the online civil rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is suing Geller over an unflattering clip posted on YouTube for which he claimed a copyright ownership. ""
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