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Journal: Peru and April Fools

Journal by cplusplus
My wife and I survived Peru. My camera was stolen, though... and the worst part was we lost about 70 pics with it :-( although we still have 400 :-).
This April Fools thing on slashdot has forced me to seek alternate amusement from this site. Thus the long-unawaited never-anticipated journal update!
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Journal: Peru

Journal by cplusplus

Hi All,

For those who have enough time to read some random journal- I'm going on a trip to Peru with my wife. We're leaving Saturday, Dec. 18th '04. We'll spend some time in Arequipa and then move on to Cusco. While near Cusco, we'll be hiking the Inca trail to Macchu Pichu. You have to hire a guide due to government restrictions. We're using (should anyone reading this ever decide they want to undertake such an adventure). The hike is supposed to be absolutely wonderful and it should be fun (although the altitude is a concern... the trail hits 13400 feet!!).

We were also going to go to Iquitos until I had an "incident" with the anti-maleria drug "Mefloquine" (aka "Quinine")

AVOID THE ANTI-MALARIA DRUG MEFLOQUINE AT ALL COSTS! Do your research before you ever take it! I had a bad reaction to it and am still not over it, and would hate for anyone else to experience what I did. PLEASE, PLEASE google it before you decide to ever take it.

Anyway, I'll post when I get back. It's fun writing to yourself because I'm sure nobody will ever read this :-)

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