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Comment: Re:NSA College Campus Recruiters (Score 2) 233

by cosm (#46855239) Attached to: Mathematicians Push Back Against the NSA

It's called paraphrasing, and it's a common form. By condoning the current NSA you are in fact giving up essential liberty in exchange for a little temporary safety. I'm glad that you can recognize a founding father quote. It's a shame you don't adhere to its ruminations.

The full inclusion of all qualifiers does not strengthen your argument. Try again with a valid rebuttal.

Comment: Re:NSA College Campus Recruiters (Score 2) 233

by cosm (#46854613) Attached to: Mathematicians Push Back Against the NSA

Oh no, no, no! I am not trying to convince you that "freedom is worthless," but rather am pointing out that you have no useful idea about how your freedom was gained, maintained, and what is needed in the future to ensure it. Your little crack about "North Korea" is only further demonstration of that. In fact that might even suggest that you don't really understand your freedoms, let alone the Constitution.

If you are confusing what goes on in North Korea with what goes on in the US you are badly uninformed indeed.

Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. You are obviously one of those.

Comment: Re:NSA College Campus Recruiters (Score 1) 233

by cosm (#46854565) Attached to: Mathematicians Push Back Against the NSA
You know what, I'll bite.

Firstly, the "don't worry about civil liberties because ... uh ... ter'ist murika freedom!!!" argument became passe once those who were prophetic about the longstanding ramifications of the Patriot act turned out to be correct. And secondly, it's antithetical for you to justify domestic spying for the formation of a free country. The two are diametrically opposed. I'm not putting words in your mouth. You are justifying domestic spying. If you had said, "I believe we should have the best SIGINT over foreign entities, and none over American's private domestic communication, and no secret FISA courts and no gag-orders, no NSLs, no secret no-fly list, no secret kill-list", ok, maybe, but you did not say that.

The American people are not the enemy, and there is not some huge terrorist cell lying in wait in your neighbor's fucking closet. Get over it. Whoever beat nationalistic pride into your psyche, probably some baby boomer, they had it beat into them by the McCarthyism of their day, and it was wrong then and it is wrong now. We are a great country because of our people. Not our government. They serve us. They should fear us. We pay for them to serve us, not the other way around.

How about we all just stick our heads in the sand so the terrorist know we didn't see their sacred prophet Muhammad while where at it. Because oh noes .. the terrorist are gunna git'cha!

Fuck you.

Comment: NSA College Campus Recruiters (Score 5, Interesting) 233

by cosm (#46854307) Attached to: Mathematicians Push Back Against the NSA
Some years back I when I was working on my undergrad (BS Applied Math), I stopped by an NSA booth at the career fair. I asked if any of the signals intelligence work involved monitoring domestic communications. The recruiter panel said "No, it is illegal for us to spy on Americans and there are signs near every workstation that say so". Agreeing, I said, "well why do you still do it?".

Ok so I was there to be antagonistic, but even five years ago the lower level guys knew what was going.

College students can step up and stop joining there ranks. Here in North Carolina, my alma mator is suckling the teat and getting in bed further with them via a 60 million dollar data analytics lab. There was some student protest in the form of people writing "Fuck the NSA" in chalk on buildings, but other than that, big U's are happy to cozy up closer to the feds.

I ended up going into the private sector and look back thankful that I didn't join their ranks.

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