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+ - Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event in Texas-> 2

Submitted by cosm
cosm writes: ABC news reports that two armed gunman were shot and killed outside a "Draw the Prophet" event hosted in Garland Texas.

From the article: "The event, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, featured cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, and scheduled speakers included Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who has campaigned to have the Quran banned in the Netherlands. The winner of the contest was to receive $10,000."

In light of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks, the Lars Vilks Muhammad drawing controversies, and the American show South Park's satirical depiction of the state of Muhammad phobia in the US and elsewhere, is there an end in sight to the madness associated with the representation of this religious figure?

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Comment: Re:NSA College Campus Recruiters (Score 2) 233

by cosm (#46855239) Attached to: Mathematicians Push Back Against the NSA

It's called paraphrasing, and it's a common form. By condoning the current NSA you are in fact giving up essential liberty in exchange for a little temporary safety. I'm glad that you can recognize a founding father quote. It's a shame you don't adhere to its ruminations.

The full inclusion of all qualifiers does not strengthen your argument. Try again with a valid rebuttal.

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