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Comment: Re:Bad consequences (Score 1) 758

by consultant (#33543272) Attached to: Court Says First Sale Doctrine Doesn't Apply To Licensed Software

So does that mean that software retailers can now be sued for false advertising when they ask you to "buy" software with licence agreements like this, since, as an earlier poster said you are technically renting it. Will the Best Buy's and Amazons of the world be happy to "rent software" to people even if it is "in perpetuity" because of the conditions?

Does this invalidate the Amazon one-click "Buy it Now" since you're not really buying it?

Obviously it throws up a bunch of questions....


+ - Human trial of experimental cancer drug approved->

Submitted by Colonel Angus
Colonel Angus (752172) writes "Health Canada approved the first human trial of cancer drug, DCA (dichloroacetate), in people with an advanced form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. Research into DCA as a cancer treatment is solely funded through grants and donations. According to one of the researchers, it is cheap and not patentable and, as such, pharmaceutical companies are not interested in helping to develop it as a cancer therapy."
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+ - Google Hiring Thousands of European Engineers->

Submitted by Matt
Matt (950531) writes "Google are on the hunt for several thousand European engineers, as they try to set up more R&D centres outside the US. They have hired a new Vice President of Engineering for Europe, Nelson Mattos, who will oversee all these new staff. It seems like an odd move, after all, some people seem to think that they've already over-hired."
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+ - First quantum chips made

Submitted by holy_calamity
holy_calamity (872269) writes "The first quantum computer chips have been made by two US groups, New Scientist reports. Both NIST and Yale demonstrated chips where information was transferred between two superconducting qubits using a 'quantum bus'. The bus is made from a cavity that traps a single microwave photon as a standing wave — the NIST group also managed to use the bus to store data from one qubit for a short time."

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