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Comment Thomas Kuhn weepie (Score 1) 84

If someone who had just read Thomas Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions came up to you and started talking about it, what would you say to deflate his or her excitement, as a crabby older person? I was thinking, that dominating grant funding games play some role deepening the science but also gumming up the revolutions? Especially in anything related to medicine, which also gets the whammy of body neuroses and extreme profit taking. I guess the critique is that Kuhn sees science too hermetically? How does ActUp's role in advancing HIV research play into it? Example or counter-example?

Stupid hype words in article abstracts seem like the least of our problems. Sort of like how pundits discuss politics. Really angry anti-pundits like in the Washington Monthly used to compare Washington to a tea party or the court at Versailles where the important thing is adhere to conventional wisdom in a form of etiquette and use the right phrases while ignoring the larger issues. But now tea party means something else and breaking the china does not seem so worthy.

Comment reality (Score 3, Interesting) 576

Hannes seems to have a valid point that boundary checking should be standardized in some way. Rasmus backs him up and mentions the result of the rant is they'll end up discarding his more comprehensive work on the issue:

Linus seems to be saying all boundary checks should be ad-hoc because the new syntax is to hard to GET OFF OF HIS LAWN. Because it is dog poop.

Comment Re:Not really true (anymore) (Score 2) 199

Mozilla was blocking all Flash until the second update came out. The page clearly showed that. You could change it to from "disabled" to "ask to activate" if you chose to.

Chrome also updated today, but the bundled Flash player in Chrome is click-to-play by default. IE should do that with its bundled player. And Microsoft should use Windows Update to block the plugin player for old version of IE. And old Java in any browser, with an override available.

Submission + - Firefox Blocks Flash By Default Over Security Fears

Mickeycaskill writes: Mozilla has confirmed all versions of Flash are now blocked by default in Firefox following the discovery of two new 'critical' vulnerabilities in the documents uncovered in the Hacking Team attack.

Adobe says it expects to patch the 37th and 38th flaws found in Flash so far in July later this week. Until these are made available, Mozilla says the block will stay in place.

The development is a blow for Flash after Alex Stamos, Facebook's new chief security officer, urged Adobe to set an "end of life" date for the much-maligned software.

Comment Lost link to report found, and "site owners" (Score 3, Informative) 147

The link to the actual report in TFA is broken, as it was on the Belgian commission's own site until a few moments ago. So here it is:

The recommendations for site owners is to enhance the cookie opt-in banner that you already see on European sites. A cookie for cookies! It's buried deep in the heavily enumerated document, so I'll quote it in full:

To Website Owners
Relating to website owners or webmasters who wish to use the social plug-ins offered by Facebook, the Privacy Commission refers to its own-initiative recommendation on the use of cookies, in which it stipulates that owners must properly inform visitors of their website and obtain the latter's specific consent for cookies and other meta files of which they may not control re-use. In this context, the Privacy Commission refers to social networks, among others, and recommends that social network buttons are not activated until users have given their specific consent. The current integration possibilities of social plug-ins offered by Facebook, however, do not meet these criteria yet. For the time being, the Privacy Commission therefore recommends to use tools such as "Social Share Privacy" ( ) as a way to obtain user consent. By using a tool such as "Social Share Privacy", third-party plug-ins do not connect to third-party servers (and consequently data are not sent to third parties) until users have clicked on the social plug-in.

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