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Comment Hard to imagine C coding in a web environment (Score 1) 175

I don't give it much chance unfortunately. Even if I wanted to code in C (which I don't), I wouldn't be able to get it used in our development shop.

However if they had a C# to WebAssembly compiler (that utilized the JS garbage collector), it would be much easier to start using this at work.

Comment Targets C++ again (Score 1) 126

The problem with asm.js (and now WebAssembly) is it targets C++ delevopers. No one who works on the web codes in C++. The best thing they can do for adoption is to compile from a langauge that web developers already use: C#, Java, ruby, python, etc. I'd love to use something like this, but I can't expect my coworkers to learn C++ and the company to buy C++ tooling.

Comment Pendulum swinging back to static analysis (Score 1) 194

It's nice to see the pendulum swing back to static analysis of your code. If you want static code analysis, GWT is very stable and all the issues worked out, which there will be in a 1.0 release. GWT's UIBinder is one 2.0 feature that cleans up your code quite a bit while keeping static code analysis. The compiler will error when Java code refers to UIBinder's HTML markup that doesn't exist.

Comment You've got one shot to store your data (Score 1) 147

When a piece of data come in, store it everywhere you need it. This might be aggregated tables (if you don't use indexed views) or whatever you may need. If you have background processes like ETL, you'll use a lot of your hardware for processing at the expense of queries.

Avoid ETL. You've got one shot to store your data everywhere.

Never trust an operating system.