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Comment Re:Too vague (Score 1) 292

"Climatologists have been warning that climate change may produce more extreme weather situations"

So what observations would make the climatologists question the basis for this prediction?

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Uhhmmm, this should be self-evident but: weather patterns globally decreasing in extremity or at the least not increasing.

You know, the opposite of what we have been observing to date.

Comment Re:Their work is being wasted. (Score 1) 141

Umm, no.

Windows 8 - all you need to do is install classic shell and it is as usable as Windows 7 was.

Gnome3 - Get a lobotomy and you can maybe be happy using it, but it still isn't anywhere near as efficient as Gnome2 was ( nor anywhere near as configurable as KDE ). Unity was made as an experiment to see how far users can be tortured before lobotomizing themselves and going to Gnome3...

Comment Re:What makes Ubuntu Server unsuitable? (Score 4, Interesting) 167

I can:

I would ( and do ) use Debian STABLE for servers. I would NOT use Debian UNSTABLE or TESTING on anything other than a test server. Ubuntu is based on snapshots of Debian UNSTABLE that Ubuntu devs try to bug fix. Like all bugfixing, introduction of more and new bugs is inevitable, and to date the quality control track record in Ubuntu hasn't been near as reliable as Debians stringent rules for UNSTABLE > TESTING > STABLE migration. Probably because of Debian being upstream and having more Dev manpower, as well as Ubuntu deciding to release every six months no matter what. This is fine for a DESKTOP, where newer kernel and hardware support may be needed, but isn't a very good idea for servers.

As far as I know, even the LTS versions of Ubuntu are based on snapshots of TESTING. Still not something I would want to run on any servers that uptime is critical on.

Comment Re:I like it. It's Subversive. (Score 1) 87

Sharpen your google-fu grasshopper.

If you ONLY want "hosts file" you search with ""hosts" "file"".

At least the first five pages of results will only return sites with / about EXACT "hosts file" in matches. No hostsfile, no hosts_file, no hosts/file, or any other combination, and no synonyms results.

Comment Ugh, why, oh WHY is everyone (Score 1) 43

Ugh, why, oh WHY is everyone going to the butt ugly super flat look with kindergarten color icons that seem to only have 6 different colors over the whole color scheme?
A desktop doesn't have to be 100% eye candy, but going to 100% stripped bare with no real recognizable differentiation between elements is just as bad.

Comment Re:Already patched (Score 1) 105

So, IOW, you have to submit to a "Walled Garden", right?

Ummm, no? You have to actively turn off known app vulnerability scans when you sideload. Even if Joe Shmoe user finds out how to sideload, most will just tap on the big OK let google scan this app for vulnerabilities.

Plus this is about unrooted phones. Hows that sideloading going for non jail-broken iOS devices?

And tell me truthfully, if this Article was about iOS instead of Android, would you REALLY be downplaying the danger here?

Nope, since everything on iOS _has_ to go through the app store, and can't be sideloaded ( unless you jailbreak... meaning there was ALREADY a security vulnerability ) it wouldn't be downplayed since the app was ALREADY said to be safe from a security scan / audit. If iOS allowed sideloading, AND Apple scanned sideloaded apps like Google, then it would be no different.

Comment Re:Full Price? (Score 1) 155

In some ways it's better than the old way. Here's how it works( same type deal from US cellular ) with US Cellular:

Want phone X which is $700 > Pay $700 OR pay $700 / #months in contract per month. Flagship phones like galaxy S6 are ~$40/ month + data package ( unlimited text, MMS, and voice included ). It turns out to be about the same, or cheaper than the old voice + text + data packages usually, then cheaper once the phone is paid for.

Oh, and with US Cellular ( probably verizon too) you can pay the phone off earlier, meaning plans are actually quite a bit cheaper... for the same amount of data on these new plans, after paying off a phone ( say after 3 months or so ) I save $45, and gain unlimited voice ( not that I ever came NEAR using what I had before but still... ).

Comment Re:Frogs (Score 2) 88

Apparently you didn't read the summary let alone RTFA - they are talking about injectable venom, like a snake.

Umm, maybe you should go re-read TFA before pointing fingers.

There are no injectors on these frogs, they secrete venom ON THEIR SKIN then flail their spines to open and get venom into a wound. It would be perfectly feasible to harvest venom from these as if they had been typical poison dart frogs.

Comment Re:IE all over again (Score 3, Insightful) 371


Apparently it's too hard for a CEO to parse the upgrade page where it asks "Do you want to use the windows defaults or your old defaults for opening programs?". I wasn't paying the most attention to the part after, but I vaguely recall maybe even a mini tutorial on rightclick > open with > set as default from the list after clicking OK from the keep my default settings page.

Not saying there is nothing wrong with Windows 10, the start menu for instance is NOT worth a shit.... it is just a list in alphabetical order of programs with no sane grouping. Thankfully classic shell has a build that works with 10. Other than the one 8.1 laptop I upgraded I think I will keep my win7 machines for a while.

Comment Re:Works for me - whatever that is worth (Score 1) 136

I have. From this filter update no less.

I receive mail on two different accounts from different addresses, with several hundred mail messages in the one account and several thousand in the other sitting in my inbox. As of last week messages started to go into the spam folder on both accounts until flagged as not spam.

As an added bonus to stupidity, one of the addresses marked as spam is a prominent .edu address.

Comment Re:Recordings, NOT music (Score 1) 66

Actually, since it doesn't make the distinction as to the medium said music is delivered in it actually invalidates your point instead of supporting it.

You will note that your quote also does not specify that an audience even be present, or even that it has to be in the audible range, just that the sounds must be produced by voice or instruments. This means that a computer with no persistent storage can make music, if it is played to an empty area. It also means a computer with no speakers can make music as long as it is recorded onto storage media that is capable to be played back at a later time ( and note that playback is NOT a requirement, it would still be music even if never heard ).

That's the thing about Dictionaries, if it ISN'T in the definition, I.E. specifying the medium be live for music, it by definition isn't a requirement.

Comment Re:Looks like Lollypop (Score 1) 53

Try it out, one really good thing about KDE is that you can set just about anything to be the default program quite easily through systemsettings, the KDE "control center".

For example; if you like Firefox, Thunar, and Gnome terminal you can easily set all of them to be the default programs used for internet / file browsing / and terminal emulators. Same for PDF readers ETC.

That said Dolphin / Konqueror, and Konsole are really quite full featured programs. Especially the file browsers, using KIOSlaves for input / output to practically everything is really awesome.

Comment Re:List of folks with permanent rights of way (Score 4, Interesting) 290

He's saying the truth. 8-9 / 10 asshats on bikes don't follow the rules of the road that they are legally required to. Just a few things:

1: don't stop for stop signs... many times not even slowing down, then expecting traffic to magically not hit them. I have personally witnessed several tickets being handed out to them since my city is FINALLY starting to crack down on them, they will even do it right in front of a cop....
2: riding on sidewalks instead of using the apparently wasted bike lanes, and hitting people walking ( you know the ones that belong on the sidewalks ). Happens with different asshats several times a month in my city alone, and I doubt it is a fluke since you see all the other asshattery anywhere you go. Hell because of #1 I have been hit by a stupid ass biker in a fucking crosswalk with the light in MY favor.
3: they observe speed limits worse than 4-wheel car drivers. School zone? Still going as fast as possible, on the sidewalk where they don't belong. They should be ticketed just as if a car was speeding ( this does occasionally happen, just needs to more often).

There you go, took mere minutes to come up with just a few things that 80% of the observed bike riders do to make everyone look down on bike riders. Sucks for the last 10-20% that actually are courteous, but then maybe THEY should start bashing heads of the rest if they want their image to look better.

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