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Comment: article based on old info (Score 1) 392

by chillywillycd (#31688538) Attached to: Solaris No Longer Free As In Beer

a) Yankelovich's quote about dropping support for Project Wonderland was on 1/31.
b) the wonderland project immediately became a community supported project called Open Wonderland
c) it's misleading for the author to talk about Project Wonderland like it's part of Solaris. it's a java project developing an extensible 3D virtual environment.
d) the comment from Peter Tribble was made 2/14, approx 2 weeks after Oracle's acquisition of Sun.
e) on 2/26 after the OpenSolaris annual meeting Tribble gives a number of quotes about Oracle commiting themselves to support the project
sad spreading of out of date misinformation

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