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Comment Re:Evolution in play? (Score 1) 529

I'm positive there hasn't been enough of these better jobs to make a difference and usually better off people have fewer children, not more. Any effect on the genetical probably varies between none to microscopic. What it probably has done however, is to make the culture value scholarly pursuits which probably accounts for 99.9+% of the advantages.

Comment Fake reviews (Score 1) 126

Interesting, how would you prove a review is fake, written with no experience of the product? Even more interesting is the question that is for example audiophile magazines have been known to do fake reviews sometimes (I guess the amount of proven cases is like 1 or something) how does that relate to this case?

Comment Re:BitTorrent Trackers don't infringe copyright (Score 2) 85

Heh, you can block Youtube on exactly the same grounds as you block torrent sites, in fact you have stronger grounds since Google actually hosts the content. I wonder who needs to make the complaint to get a site blocked. Getting Youtube blocked would raise awaresness for sure.

Submission + - China Claimed Millions of Computers Hacked by U.S.-based Servers->

hackingbear writes: While we have heard reports of computers being hacked from China almost every other day, China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Centre identified 7.8 million computers in China had been hacked in the first six months of last year, with the most common location of the attackers being in the US (pay wall). According to CNCERT, 73,286 overseas IPs were involved in hacking China’s 14.19 million IPs, among which 10.5 million received attacks from US-based servers, 780,000 from South Korea and 778,000 from Germany. Apparently, as neither side can prove their claims or disprove the other's claims with absolutely indisputable evidences, the war of words will keep going.
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Comment Re:Rock & A Hard Place (Score 1) 564

In 2011 the median income was around $23. This is calculated based on 22 work days per month and 8h per day and taking into account half a month's worth of the "holiday salary" we have. I used 1,33 as the exchange rate because I don't know what the average EURUSD rate was in 2011. The monthy median salary was 2890€ in 2011 which equals 36125€ per year (12,5 * 2890). There is no state-mandated minimum wage, instead the different industries may agree on a minimum wage with the unions for that industry only and these are generally kept in line with inflation.

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