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+ - Google Makes Quickoffice For Android And iOS Free For All

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Google today announced it is making Quickoffice free for everyone. That means Android and iOS users can edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go without paying a dime. You can download the free versions now directly from Google Play and Apple's App Store. The only requirement is that sign in with your Google Account."

+ - Mystery of Mars' Missing Methane Deepens->

Submitted by astroengine
astroengine (1577233) writes "NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has been scouring the thin Martian atmosphere for methane — a potential tracer for the presence of Martian life. However, since the gas also can be produced geologically, any findings promised a meaty debate. That discussion can be shelved, perhaps permanently, new findings from a team of Curiosity scientists shows. The most extensive search yet for methane in Mars’ atmosphere has come up empty. “It’s disappointing, of course. We would have liked to get [to Gale Crater] and found lots of methane and measure all the isotopes,” lead researcher Christopher Webster, with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., told Discovery News."
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Comment: Re:IPCC politics (Score 1) 605

by catman (#42119525) Attached to: Seas Rising Faster Than Projected

Other than Alaska's armpit (to coin a phrase), pretty much all going up, mostly in the 0-3mm/year range, but a hell of a lot of yellow and quite a bit of red. What exactly makes you claim it in some way debunks TFA? It appears to support it at first glance.

It certainly does. The sea level is decreasing where there is still a significant land rise since the previous glaciation - i.e. the continental plate is bobbing up from where the ice pushed it down. Note especially in the bay between Sweden and Finland. Almost all measurements in mid-ocean show data consistent with TFA,

Comment: Re:One consistent theme (Score 1) 605

by catman (#42119175) Attached to: Seas Rising Faster Than Projected

Who knows, it might even bad enough that we notice some of the effects within the lifetimes of our grandchildren.

Come out of your cave and look around. We're already seeing the effects now. Spring is earlier year by year. Glaciers are retreating. The entire surface of the Greenland ice cap shows melt in summer. Plant and animal species are moving north and towards high country (because they can, not because they are afraid).

Nope. Stupidity is not a good foundation for understanding or predicting reality.


Comment: Re:And where do they 'camp out' climate change aga (Score 2) 605

by catman (#42118471) Attached to: Seas Rising Faster Than Projected

Although it's true there are parts of the world that won't be hit as hard as others, and those of us who live there won't have to worry about camping out.

No, but we'd have to dig in and stock up like survivalists. We probably couldn't keep a few hundred million displaced people out anyway. Right now a trickle of Africans are trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. When Europe south of the Alps becomes uninhabitable, the North will be overrun. As will Canada and Siberia.

Comment: Re:Denier (Score 2) 605

by catman (#42117597) Attached to: Seas Rising Faster Than Projected
There are indeed waiting lines here in Norway, at least, not for emergency procedures, of course. But we're still trying to reach a goal of no more than 60 days of waiting for an operation. Reorganizing the public hospitals was supposed to help - it hasn't, so far. The press and TV are pushing, it looks like the bureaucrats may be losing - as they should. Also, lots of patients don't know that they can now freely choose which hospital to go to for operations and other procedures.

Comment: Re:Reliability and usability count, too (Score 1) 488

by catman (#40573843) Attached to: Former Microsoft Exec: Microsoft Has "Become the Thing They Despised"
Microsoft's customers aren't regular home users. Their customers are OEMs and large corporate users (think five-digit numbers of desktop PCs). MS real customers are able and allowed to create custom Windows installs, in the corporate world those can be fine-tuned, secured and more reliable than the PC Joe Sixpack buys.

Comment: Re:$99 !!!!!! (Score 1) 474

by catman (#40064501) Attached to: MS Will Remove OEM 'Crapware' For $99
You are assuming that Microsoft actually cares about Windows' image. MS' customers are the OEMs and the corporate buyers, not the end users. Actually, I don't think MS could care less about what the end users think, as long as they can keep a death grip on the OEM market. They have suffered lots of PR setbacks without batting an eyelid.

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