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User Journal

Journal: Moderation

Journal by carl67lp

Kinda funny, whenever I see people complaining about moderation. I just read a journal entry from a chap who was saying that funny should be funny, and smart asses need to be smart.

People of the Internet, hear me! It's just Slashdot! You don't own it, and you probably never will--so why complain? All of this is akin to me walking in to my aunt's house and standing on her kitchen table. When she told me that's not how she does things, should I tell her that her rules are stupid and antiquated? Hell no!

I dunno...maybe my feelings on this are because I post so infrequently on /., and because my Karma of late has always been adequate for my purposes. And I tend to get Moderator access pretty frequently for whatever reason. So I know what I like, and I know what I don't like.

If I chuckle aloud, it's funny.

If I think it's stupid, I'll say so.

If people are swarming around a boneheaded remark, and in their haste to say something are modding it up, I'll mod it down.

And if something is truly exemplary, I'll note that, too.

I don't know how most moderators work, but I know that I won't moderate *anything* unless it really strikes me. So something has to literally make me laugh to be funny, or really make me say "Huh!" to be insightful.

Thus, to those who complain: It's not your system. Buck up and start posting high-quality stuff, and then you'll have a reason to yell. For now, realize that it's your fellow newshounds who moderate you. It's them who should receive your disdain, not the owners of Slashdot.

Are you having fun yet?