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+ - Australia to build fibre to the premises network

Submitted by candiman
candiman writes: The Australian PM, Kevin Rudd, has just announced that none of the private sector submissions to build a National Broadband Network were up to the standard so instead the Govt is going to form a private company to build a fibre to the premises network.

The network will connect to 90% of premises delivering 100Mb/s. The remaining 10% will be reached with wireless and satellite delivering up to 12Mb/s.

The network has been costed at AUD43B over the 8 years of construction — and is expected to employ 37000 people at peak. It will be wholesale only and completely open access.

As an Australian who voted for the other guys all I can say is wow.

Comment: Avoiding frying the neighbours (Score 1) 371

by candiman (#26926287) Attached to: Space Based Solar Power Within a Decade?

To all those concerned about the power beam going off target and frying the neighbours - the easiest solution (even if it is just psychological) is to put the receiving station in the middle of a large lake or other body of water. That way if the beam does go off target all it does is slightly raise the temperature of some water (probably by an amount too small to measure). As I said - psychological. The same reason why the Sydney Harbour Bridge has four large pylons that are purely decorative.

As for using it as a weapon - sure, you could. And in doing so you'll be shutting off a large piece of the power supply to your own people. I think the greater concern is physical security of the actual transmitter. Bit hard to put barbed wire and guard dogs around a multi-square kilometre object 36000km above the surface of the Earth.

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