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Comment Re:I don't really think that cows are noble creatu (Score 1) 763 763

When it comes up, I find that simply saying "I don't eat meat" short circuits that whole (often profoundly stupid) conversation. For some reason, claiming that you're a vegetarian seems like a challenge to people who eat meat. I suspect it's because the word itself sounds like a label for belonging to some group devoted to a particular cause or belief system.

Comment Re:Configurable (Score 1) 404 404

As you've demonstrated, "blue shell" mechanics allow new people to play with old hats. The seasoned players, in turn, have to rely on strategy more than brute force.

I enjoy these kinds of mechanics. Playing most games at a certain skill level alienates most other players. This makes it difficult to find other players. Everyone hates playing against "that guy."

Comment Re:Windows Key Not Taking The Lead? (Score 1) 939 939

That's my biggest problem with the Windows key. I love the functionality it provides, but it seems every keyboard has it in a slightly different position and a slightly different size.

Unless I'm on *my* keyboard, my fingers always hit the wrong meta-keys because of it.

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