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User Journal

Journal: Bad karma after ONE negative mod

Journal by binbag
First post!!!!!! ;-)

Sorry, had to do that. Anyway, here I am on /. and already I'm pissed off. For the benefit of American readers that is the same as pissed, which in the UK is slang for drunk, which I'm not as I'm at work. OK, I am, but don't tell my boss.

Reason? I post a few comments, nothing special, just a couple of off the cuff one liners to ease myself in, and a couple of them get modded up as being "Funny". Cool, feels good, and my karma is unaffected. But because one of those "funny" comments was similar to a previous one submitted by another member, one moderator modded it down as being redundant. Perfectly fair you might say, but my comment and the previous one have the same timestamp, and their sequential comment numbers are 2 apart, so we obviously had the same idea at the same time. If I'd typed mine a little faster, or if the other guy had paused to scratch his ear before clicking submit, my comment would have been first and the other one would have got modded down. Don't get me wrong, I'm not moaning about the moderation of that comment per se, or my reduced karma. What pisses me off is that one single person has caused my comments to no longer be displayed to most /. readers. I might as well just type comments into a text file on my pc for all the exposure they get.

What's the fucking point?

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -- Albert Einstein