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+ - Richard Feynman's FBI Files-> 1

Submitted by
v3rgEz writes "The FBI files of noted physicist, esteemed author and all-around geek Richard Feynman have been released:

Feynman and the FBI had an extended encounter after the Bureau discovered he had been invited to speak at the USSR, which set off a flurry of investigations into his loyalty — even as he pestered the State Department for guidance on whether he should or shouldn't go, guidance they only gave belatedly.

Of particular interest to the FBI was his avid devotion to the art of lock picking, his high school membership in a socialism club (for social reasons, he swore), and the fact that he was a godless scientist who loved his bongo drums.

Original Documents are available:

One other element? A seven-page letter detailing a conspiracy theory that Feynman was a sleeper agent for enemies unknown, but probably communist ones."

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Finding the First Trillion Congruent Numbers 94

Posted by timothy
from the after-that-it's-easy dept.
eldavojohn writes "First stated by al-Karaji about a thousand years ago, the congruent number problem is simplified to finding positive whole numbers that are the area of a right triangle with rational number sides. Today, discovering these congruent numbers is limited only by the size of a computer's hard drive. An international team of mathematicians recently decided to push the limits on finding congruent numbers and came up with the first trillion. Their two approaches are outlined in detail, with pseudo-code, in their paper (PDF) as well as details on their hardware. For those of you familiar with this sort of work, the article provides links to solving this problem — from multiplying very large numbers to identifying square-free congruent numbers."

Comment: Re:Speaking as a valve fanboy and steam early adop (Score 1) 159

by beta21 (#27138405) Attached to: The Age of Steam
Most large companies have their code in escrow. In the event they go under, terrorists take over, the pink unicorn rampages through their offices etc.

Hopefully this is something like what Valve means.

On a personal note I'm more a fan of ImpluseDriven from stardock. They have actually given me a refund on a game that crashed on startup, this is a first for me from any game company.

"It's when they say 2 + 2 = 5 that I begin to argue." -- Eric Pepke