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Journal Journal: PrinT3R I55u35!

New printers suck when they are unpacked and the USB2.0 A To B lead has to be purchased separately, and you're fresh out. Why don't they (H.P.) put that %£$%()^*$)( on the %^*($)ing box?
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Journal Journal: RM Connect 3

It's sooo easy and funny to make mistakes in this piece of &%*%(@ school middle-ware, its funny. It's even funnier when Connect3's directory structure gets f00ked up and you watched it happen, even though you weren't responsible. Going on to watch admin staff run around like headless chickens because RM charge the earth to service Crap 3, and there's no cover because my employers can't afford it and the 'experts' have no idea how to fix it, is something that would make a good sketch on Monty Python if they ever made a new series. But since I only have The Simpsons to quote from these days: 'Ha Ha!'

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