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Journal: my new baby.

Journal by benson hedges
I just recently started a new project on

we, that is thand and me, call it seelenheil, which is german for salvation, and, guess what, it will be not fps, no new shiny xml editor, not even an automatic netscanner that finds pictures of natalie portman.

it's an irc-bot.

shocked, huh? if you want to know more, visit our site.

Journal: it's alive.. jesus motherfucking christ!

Journal by benson hedges
They told me it will never work.
They told me it's impossible.

There's no chance in hell XFree can run on a P1-200 Laptop with 8MB RAM, and even if it did, it would be so horribly slow you could not use it.

Heh. Guess what? IT WORKS! Thanks to Grey Cat Linux, a strange pervertion of Slackware 3.5. Yeah, I had to install everything from libc to awk by hand. Yeah, it has neither gcc, nor a package manager. Yeah, it costed me a whole week. But now.. IT WORKS! King me!

User Journal

Journal: nothing in the world is happening while I'm around.

Journal by benson hedges
This is alltogether boring.

Working at an office, being the "guy who fixes the computers" (This is not my actual job description, but everyone calls me that way), surrounded by windows idiots who are not even clever enough to play solitaire on their own, I have to stick very closely to our shiny linux server (my baby. touch it and die) to survive. Of course, most of the server load is created by my playing quake 3, but nobody needs to know that, as far as I get paid.

a nice example of human primitivity visited me today in form of our secretary, who claimed that "the internet is broken". Specifically, she was unable to send or recieve emails. I was kind of fascinated, considering I used her mail account hours ago to send rather insulting mails to my ex-girlfriend.

Checking the system, I discovered there was a single mail in the outbox that blocked everything.

She tried to mail a 49 MB BMP image via an ISDN connection.

I sighed, said nothing, sampled the file down to a 150kb jpeg, sent it, and told her she broke the internet, but I fixed it. Later, I forged together a mail from "", stating that she today blocked the whole internet traffic in the city for over half an hour, and will be fined 50.000 for that. It took her hours to realize it was fake. I quite enjoyed that.

Felson's Law: To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.