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Comment: Re:Fuck RIAA/MPAA (Score 1) 1005

by bad_fx (#38756392) Attached to: Shut Down, Founder Charged With Piracy

As a New Zealander I will be watching this case with interest, particularly how quickly\easily the extradition proceeds. New Zealand law on extradition states that extradition must relate to an offence that:

"Involves conduct that would be regarded as criminal had it occurred in New Zealand, and would have carried a similar penalty."

The penalties they're talking about here sound much higher than what I would expect in NZ... so I'll be interested to see how this turns out.


+ - Microsoft's answer to the OLPC

Submitted by bad_fx
bad_fx (493443) writes "It seems that the OLPC has shaken Microsoft a bit, as the beeb is now reporting that they will apparently be selling a package with "windows xp start, office 2007 and student 2007" for as little as $3. from the article:

Governments in developing countries can purchase the cut-price software, if they provide free PCs for schools.

"This is not a philanthropic effort, this is a business," Orlando Ayala of Microsoft told the Reuter's news agency.

+ - Seagate plans 37.5TB HDD within matter of years

Submitted by Ralph_19
Ralph_19 (666) writes "Wired visited Seagate's R&D labs and learned we can expect 3.5-inch 300-terabit hard drives within a matter of years. Currently Seagate is using perpendicular recording but in the next decade we can expect heat-assisted magnetic recording (HARM), which will boost storage densities to as much as 50 terabits per square inch. The technology allows a smaller number of grains to be used for each bit of data, taking advantage of high-stability magnetic compounds such as iron platinum.

Other storage news is the new 32GB SSD from SanDisk. This is a 1.8-inch flash-based drive for notebooks. It's still quite expensive, in the first half of this year a 32GB SSD will add roughly $600 to the price of a notebook."

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