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Comment False narrative (Score 1) 712

I believe the narrative of this question to be false. An officer cannot start shooting unless and until their life or the life of another is clearly and imminently in danger. Reaching for the glove box? Yeah, no-go on that one. Pointing an actual gun at an officer? Yes, lethal force is justified. Pointing a gun at a third party (hostage situation, for example), yes, lethal force is justified.

So the question should be - When an alleged criminal is putting the life of an officer or a third party in direct harm with their own firearm, what non-lethal methods will immobilize a target? I don't think there is any other option. When a bad guy is high on meth or other drugs, for instance, gun shots often don't even work until there have been several of them.

When an officer's life, or the life of a third party, is directly threatened, I wouldn't want a cop using anything other than lethal force.

Comment AppleTV Search (Score 2) 508

Lame. I've had a Roku3 for a couple years and it does this very nicely. And yes I have an AppleTV 3 also. I rarely use it. The Roku does everything the AppleTV does, and significantly more.

OK, the Roku won't mirror my iPhone, but that's a pretty minor thing.

Comment Re:I'm spending 60% of my monthly income on rent (Score 1) 940

How do you break out of it?


You suck up your pride and live where you don't want to for a few years. You can ALWAYS find that dingy hole-in-the-wall apartment somewhere. Yes, it's not ideal living and you probably won't be terribly happy there, but you suck it up and do it for a while. And from the rent savings, do that! SAVE it. If you're paying $1,500 for rent now, find a rat hole for $400-500 a month.

Yes, I'm serious. If you're worried about possessions, rent a storage garage somewhere.

For those few years where your abode sucks, you'll have built some character, have some interesting stories to tell your kids some day, and you'll still be better off than probably literally HALF of the world's population.

Have I had to do this personally? Thankfully no. But would I if I needed to? Sure.

Comment Re:and dog eats tail (Score 2) 393

Another aspect of PTC to consider: One big reason that no one has mentioned yet regarding railroads missing the deadline. The GOVERNMENT! An obviously critical part of a PTC installation is tens of thousands of trackside antennas, so the locomotive can communicate with the whole PTC network. Well, guess what? The antennas that the government (FRA, Congress, etc.) is mandating be installed are being held up because the government (EPA and FCC) are requiring that all these antennas undergo an environmental review before they can be installed.

Submission + - Comcast & Time Warner merger died

andyring writes: According to Bloomberg News, the Time Warner/Comcast merger of raw evil is dead. Comcast plans as early as tomorrow to withdraw the merger proposal, "after regulators decided that the deal wouldn’t help consumers, making approval unlikely" according to the story.

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