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Researchers Pooh-Pooh Algae-Based Biofuel 238

Posted by timothy
from the feed-it-pooh-pooh-undies dept.
Julie188 writes "Researchers from the University of Virginia have found that current algae biofuel production methods consume more energy, have higher greenhouse gas emissions and use more water than other biofuel sources, such as switchgrass, canola and corn. The researchers suggest these problems can be overcome by situating algae production ponds behind wastewater treatment facilities to capture phosphorous and nitrogen — essential algae nutrients that otherwise need to come from petroleum."

Comment: Re:Maybe these companies will wake up some day (Score 1) 138

by Zoshnell (#28577343) Attached to: Massive Bank Fraud In <em>EVE Online</em>
How... how does that even bring anything to the story at all? Not that its a non-story for anyone not invested/interested in EVE. They don't want people selling in game currency for real world money. Thats how they want to do things. Your comment, at best, is throwaway.

I bid you good morrow sir.

Comment: Re:Chrono Trigger?? (Score 1) 88

by Zoshnell (#26874957) Attached to: Square Enix To Buy Eidos, Midway Files For Bankruptcy
After reading your further comments Rycross, I have to agree. As a standalone, it wasn't a terrible game, and with some more polish it could have been a great game. I mean, I like to think that the Suikoden series were pretty bitching, and they had a huge backlog of characters to work with. I think if the same care was taken in the Suikoden Series, Cross would have worked much beter. I am pretty sure it would still be entirely crazy convoluted still.

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