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Comment: Nuke? (Score 1) 139

by Yoda2 (#32061352) Attached to: Can Oil-Eating Bacteria Help Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill?
Could a small nuke set off on the ocean floor near the leak possibly seal it? It seems that the right sized device would create molten rock and just seal things off. Appears this is called a melt cavity. Might vaporize some of the oil concentrated in the area of the leak too. Doesn't seem the atmospheric fallout would be too bad at that depth.

Guessing downsides include igniting the entire reserve (although I think an oxygen source would be needed), making the leak worse, & 3 eyed fish, etc.

Probably obvious, but I have no practical knowledge in any of the domains involved here.

Comment: Louisiana has a 50% Refundable Tax Credit (Score 1) 240

by Yoda2 (#29735155) Attached to: New Jersey Outshines Most Others In Solar Energy
Louisiana also has a very aggressive tax credit program. It is capped at 50% of a 25k system (12.5k), but you can install multiple systems to offset your average usage.

More info at the Louisiana Solar Energy Society.

We just installed a 4.6kW grid-tie system using Enphase microinverters. Its the 2nd "working system" shown on the LSES site.

I'll probably regret sharing this on /., but a group called RBS also filmed a short "documentary" of us installing & explaining the system for the local public access station. If you really have nothing better to do for the next 17 minutes, it can be seen on the Rural Broadcasting Service site under "Solarcentric" Be forewarned that it was very much unscripted.

Comment: Re:Lack of Ctl-D to "Fill Down" in OO Calc (Score 1) 891

by Yoda2 (#29399749) Attached to: Why Users Drop Open Source Apps For Proprietary Alternatives
Tried just the other day with the latest OO on Fedora. Maybe its keeping keyboard configs from earlier installs. Will have a look at the mappings.

I realize that there was probably a solution all along, but thought this a good example of why people don't use some OSS. Sometimes a simple feature is the first thing you check and if its doesn't work out of the box you might not have the time, interest, ability, etc. to investigate the fix. In my case it was time/interest...to easy to open Excel. Take Excel away & my motivations change, but I generally use it for for quick coding calc checks or for data manipulation prior to loading into Postgres and its 2nd nature to do that in Excel.

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