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Comment: Re:10000 sheets per workbook? (Score 1) 205

by Yo Grark (#39035349) Attached to: LibreOffice 3.5 Released

Blame the lack of easy use of Access.

I routinely wanted to share out a simple sheet, allowable for anyone to edit easily, but have always fallen flat on my face by the complexity of simple tasks.

Yes I'm a novice user, however like Excel, I can use Calc or any similar thing because the interface is similar and or easy to use. I cannot use a database and have people interface with it to updated it without having to create a form, create a web interface or other complex things which are beyond my ability.

Now, you add database like abilities to Excel, and a lot more people would use them (like linking to other workbooks, multiple users editing simultaneously etc.)

Everyone gets help in Office suite, however Access remains the most neglected app. Only education or simplicity can change that, and people are not in the mood to learn new things*

*office drones, 9-5ers

Yo Grark

Comment: Liability (Score 2) 666

by Yo Grark (#37888242) Attached to: How Can I Justify Using Red Hat When CentOS Exists?

The only thing I can add is Liability. RedHat assumes some liability in the day to day operations of your company. Liability which if you sell to customers (aduh) they require for certain forms and certifications. Insurance is not enough. We're talking SOX, we're talking HIPAA etc. At the end of the day though, just remember that these are just tools. No different than someone saying "I want a stanley hammer" and you getting a black and decker.

I've written a few whitepapers on Support and Maintenance, and in my surveying of customers, liability or the ability to checkmark that their supplier/vendor has liability for the code they use to produce their goods has been a very GOOD thing in a few cases like government and lawfirms.

Yo Grark

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