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Comment: Nothing personal (Score 1) 547

by Ydna (#40792589) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Clean Up My Work Computer Before I Leave?

Why on earth would you put information that is personal and has nothing to do with the performance of your job on company property? It makes that information effectively company property. If our employees just absolutely must do their shopping while they're at work (and effectively doing their job), they're permitted to bring in their own equipment and use the guest network.


+ - Syria 'bans iPhones' over protest footage-> 1

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iComp writes "Syria has banned the iPhone, reports say, as the government tries to control information getting out of the country.

In a statement apparently issued by the customs department of the Syrian finance ministry and seen by Lebanese and German media, the authorities "warn anyone against using the iPhone in Syria".

The order also apparently prohibits the import of iPhones.

The UN believes 4,000 people have been killed in Syria since March.

Most international media have been banned from Syria since the uprising began, so footage of the violent crackdown has primarily come from activists filming material themselves and posting it on the internet.

If the document posted on the Lebanese news website el-Nashra is genuine, the authorities threaten confiscation and prosecution for anyone found with an iPhone.

Syrian opposition sources in Beirut confirmed the ban to the German Press Agency (DPA).

Other types of smartphones are apparently not affected by the ban."

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+ - How Best to Stress Test Corporate Antivirus?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I work at a 100% windows shop with corporate antivirus of dubious quality. What do Slashdot readers recommend for some methods and/or software to "stress test" an antivirus client and see what it catches? Is there a way to quantify my findings into a concrete, executive-friendly bar chart / comparison chart?"
The Internet

+ - Is HTTPTorrent the next-gen for web browsing?-> 2

Submitted by DeFender1031
DeFender1031 (1107097) writes "We're all aware of BitTorrent and how it works. This proposal suggests that some of the concepts of BitTorrent can be applied to run-of-the-mill web browsing to lighten server load and distribute downloads to browsers which have already cached the same site. While it's not an official RFC, the idea certainly has promise, and if implemented, could help speed up download times, but more importantly, it could help small (or even large) websites save bandwidth, and as we all know, bandwidth is money."
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+ - 3 Years Prison in CA For Covering Laptop-> 7

Submitted by mrcaseyj
mrcaseyj (902945) writes "California penal code section 537e makes it a felony punishable by up to 3 years in prison to be in possession of an integrated computer panel where the serial number or any other distinguishing number or identification mark has been covered. It's also a crime punishable by 6 months or a year to cover or obliterate the serial number or identification mark of just about any other personal property, from tools to CDs and much more. While a district attorney might have a hard time prosecuting you for such a crime, it appears a police officer could still take you to jail without having to worry about getting in trouble, because covering is apparently illegal by the letter of the law."
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+ - Microsoft, Sue Me First

Submitted by corigo
corigo (907980) writes "Supporters of Free Open Source, Oasis Open Document, and other Free and Open Source solutions have asked Microsoft to throw down the guantlet. Sue Me First says Christian Einfeldt of Digital Tipping Point and he's not alone. More and more people are signing up and challenging Microsoft to put there lawyers where there mouth is. It sounds to me like the open source community is far from running scared. Will Microsoft have the cajones to step up to the plate, or is Microsoft just continuing to use a scare campaign with no real faith in their ability to leverage the patent control they claim the open source is infringing on?"

+ - An Inconvenient Truth Becoming Required Viewing

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theodp writes "First it was his world history class. Then he saw it in his economics class. And his world issues class. And his environment class. In total, 18-year-old McKenzie, a Northern Ontario high schooler, says he has had the film An Inconvenient Truth shown to him by four different teachers. If you have children in junior or high school, there is a good chance they have been shown An Inconvenient Truth in school — or they will be soon — as the film works its way into the curriculum."
The Almighty Buck

+ - RIAA hires DJ's, then sends in the SWAT team

Submitted by
cancan writes "The NY times is carrying an article about how the RIAA is hiring hip hop artists to make mix tapes, and then helping the police raid their studios. In the case of DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon (myspace warning), they were raided by SWAT teams with their guns drawn. The local police chief said later that they were "prepared for the worst." Men in RIAA jackets helped cart away "evidence"."

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