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Comment: Re:Still alive (Score 1) 763

by Wirr (#32373070) Attached to: A delicious steak should be ...

That's why you need to sear the steak first, to keep those delicious juices in.

That is not true !

You can very easily do the experiment to check:
get two steaks from the same cut, and approximatly the same weight.
Sear one, fry it for a set time and weigh it.
Just fry the other one for the same time, without searing it, weigh it.

Now compare - the seared steak will have lost a lot more weight.

The better taste comes from the Maillard reaction - a kind of caramelization.

In short: colour gives meat taste.

Comment: Re:Plasmodium mould (Score 1) 120

by Wirr (#29297663) Attached to: First Hot-Ice Computer Created

Sodium acetate is VERY cheap.

And you can do it yourself !

Go to the supermarket and by some washing soda (Na2CO3) and some acetic acid (vinegar).

Mix it up in the right stocheometric amounts, cook it until dry, and hey presto there you are - Sodium acetate.

The reaction is so simple you will get a nearly 100% yield.

Then you bring some water to the boil, and add about the same weight of your sodium acetate to it.
Let it cool down - that's you supersaturated solution.

Now either put in a crystal of sodiumacetate as a condensation nuclei or just put some energy in e.g. hit it with a stick - this will start crystalisation.

Do the experiment it's fun and easy.

P.S.: When you finshed playing with it you can add some sulphuric acid and destill the mixture - that will get you 100% glacial acetic acid.

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