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Comment: Re:A silly question (Score 1) 135

by Wingnut64 (#36145936) Attached to: New Alureon Rootkit Takes Malware To New Level

On a related note, I can't understand why someone can't actually provide HARDWARE write protect on a USB stick

If you're looking for one I've been using one of these:

Running a persistent Linux OS off of it and the hardware write protect switch is nice as Windows tries to helpfully format anything that's not FAT/NTFS. Of course I've gotten kernel panics more then once booting off this when I forget to turn it back, as it fails to remount the root filesystem R/W...

Comment: Re:Program limitations (Score 1) 142

by Wingnut64 (#33097218) Attached to: Who Is Downloading the Torrented Facebook Files?

Corporations seem like a much more likely consumer of this data than anyone else. I'm thinking about downloading it just to see... I'll let you know how the sort time goes....

(un)fortunately, it's already sorted for you.

The bulk of the torrent is a 1.29GB bzip2'ed .txt file, which decompresses to ~9.7GB. It contains 170,879,859 rows. Took 7 hours to load that into a MySQL database. I basically only grabbed this to learn about database performance.

I pity both Windows Notepad, and the poor fool who unzips and doubleclicks it without thinking :)

Comment: Re:The real question (Score 1) 595

by Wingnut64 (#26325829) Attached to: UK Police To Step Up Hacking of Home PCs

The police have long benefited by the fact that most people inclined to seriously break the law are, on average, dumber than the detectives set to find them.

This plan could be even more beneficial for the intelligent criminal. When your IDS picks up probing from an IP used by the cops, you'd get a nice advanced warning to start destroying all the evidence. Compare this to the amount of time you get after they show up at your door with a warrant.

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