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Journal: Trolling: I still got it 4

Journal by Vladinator


So, the folks at Cracked.com on occasion are funny. When they're not funny, they're very easy to troll about it.

Comment: Re:Very much so (Score -1, Troll) 210

by Vladinator (#33613680) Attached to: Samsung's Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Now Official

Wrong kind of Larp. I'm in the Camarilla - http://camarilla.white-wolf.com/ and we play in the World of Darkness setting, which includes such games as Vampire: the Requiem, Werewolf: the Forsaken, Mage: the Awakening, Changling: the Lost, and Geist: the Sin-Eaters. In short, if the name of the game is {Monster}: the {adjective} it's likely a LARP somewhere. :-)

Comment: Very much so (Score 0, Interesting) 210

by Vladinator (#33609628) Attached to: Samsung's Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Now Official

Something like this is perfect for huge searchable PDF's. I help run a huge LARP, and there are well over 200+ source books for material for this game system. Something like this would be awesome, as I wouldn't have to drag several pounds of dead tree around to every game, which has the added benefit of not beating up my physical copies of the books. Not to mention that when there is a rules question, I can open the right PDF, search for the rule, and answer the question then and there instead of having to freeze the game while I look things up. I am certain there are other similar real world problems that are easily solved by a device like this.

I'm not paying more than $400 or so for one however. I'll wait until the price comes down quite a bit before I pick one up. I only paid $450 for my last laptop, which currently (mostly) provides the same functionality, though it is much heavies than a pad like this.

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