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Comment: Re:my dick is big (Score -1) 409

by Vaginal_flatulence (#31054842) Attached to: Apple's Change of Heart On Flash

yes, I got it. compared to your big dick, mine dick indeed is not that big. at least I am white. you are clearly not. I stick my big dick into sweet white pussies attached to tight white bodies and pretty faces (and many other places). the princess of your nigger dreams is white chubby trailer trash with some weed, a stash (bleached) and a book on grammar, a grammar book one might say, if one were not a nigger dreaming trailer trash. sucks to be you. enjoy the herpes.

Comment: Re:Please leave sarcasm out of summaries (Score -1) 152

by Vaginal_flatulence (#29361273) Attached to: Intellectual Ventures' Patent Protection Racket

wow. spoken like a true cs major who dated like 2 girls and probably married the 3rd one. yes douchebag, the dress can make a bitch look fat who is not - it's not a weight/volume equation - clothes don't completely contour to the body. and a different dress can make a slightly chubby girl look like a slightly stacked girl, referred to as "thick" in the lower class circles, and it looks good. get a fucking life before talking about one. posted anonymously because there is no truth in what you're saying - you don't have the experience to know what the fuck you're talking about.

Comment: Re:Hey guys (Score -1) 909

hmm. I'm quite rich, have a very nice size dick, and keep my rather large, well, the salary I pay myself is very small. it's a trick you'll learn when your small dick makes you some real money (real money is not called "salary"). you are quite a large douche. and you do seem to read at -1. and so do most other people. the moderation system is completely useless. Sorry. Douchebag with very little money who pretends he has a lot to compensate for his small dick.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score -1, Flamebait) 591

by Vaginal_flatulence (#22421842) Attached to: EU Commissioner Proposes 95 year Copyright
because it's not your job to make sure they create something else. they made it. it's theirs to do with as they may, and no law you made should be able to take that away from them. why should you get something from them for free? if you do, why would you bother creating anything yourself? you're a fucking loser.

+ - Google Browser Toolbar Found to Infringe Patent->

Submitted by
[Imaginary Property | Real Laws]
[Imaginary Property | Real Laws] writes "The US Court of Appeals found that Google's browser toolbar infringes upon Hyperphrase Technologies' patent on auto-linking. While this patent might remind you of the "Smart Tags" Microsoft released back in 2001, they're legally distinct and it doesn't count as prior art. Google plans to appeal."
Link to Original Source

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