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Submission + - Nexus 4 demand crashes Google Play Servers, sold out in 25 minutes.->

figleaf writes: The must awaited Nexus 4 went on sale for US customers on Nov 13 at 8:36 AM PST. Unfortunately, the launch was anything but smooth. Several eager buyers were unable to procure the coveted device because of various server errors. Many users who were able to add the Nexus 4 to the shopping cart found that they could not complete their transaction. Even the customer service representatives were unable to access the internal servers during the time when the Nexus 4 was on sale. 25 minutes after Nexus 4 went on sale both the 8GB and 16GB versions were sold out.
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Submission + - Google says government surveillance growing->

SternisheFan writes: In a blog post, Google senior policy analyst Dorothy Chou says, " [G]overnment demands for user data have increased steadily since we first launched the Transparency Report." In the first half of 2012, the period covered in the report, Chou says there were 20,938 inquiries from government organizations for information about 34,614 Google-related accounts.

Google has a long history of pushing back against governmental demands for data, going back at least to its refusal to turn over search data to the Department of Justice in 2005.

Many other companies have chosen to cooperate with government requests rather than question or oppose them, but Chou notes that in the past year, companies like Dropbox, LinkedIn, and Twitter have begun making government information requests public, to inform the discussion about Internet freedom and its limits.

According to the report, the U.S. continues to make the most requests for user data, 7,969 in the first six months of the year. Google complied with 90% of these requests. Google's average compliance rate for the 31 countries listed in the report is about 47%.

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Submission + - AMD hires bank to explore sale options->

Dainsanefh writes: Advanced Micro Devices has hired JPMorgan Chase & Co to explore options, which could include a potential sale, as the chipmaker struggles to find a role in an industry increasingly focused on mobile and away from traditional PCs, according to three sources familiar with the situation.
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Comment Re:Only a little evil (Score 1) 305 305

If you look at the standard compliance of the browsers in the Windows '98 era, IE had better CSS support and a much compliance support for w3c recommendations than the offering that Netscape had.

On top of that I loved Netscape 3, but Netscape 4 was a bloated piece of crap.

Comment Pay annual fees to develop for my own phone. (Score 1) 1027 1027

Microsoft copies Apple's idea and makes it difficult to develop apps for your own use.
Why should I pay $99 / year if all the apps that I develop are for own and family use?
I would rather buy a nexus device in the absence of a similar option from Microsoft.

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