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Comment: This just in (Score 1) 484

by UncleWilly (#33772622) Attached to: 'The Laws Are Written By Lobbyists,' Says Google's Schmidt

Water is still wet.

Really, anyone who is even moderately interested in history realizes that this has been going on in the USA since Washington left office (1797), maybe earlier.

I would put it to the readers that overall "the great experiment" has turned out better than one could have hoped. Secret wars, deals and shenanigans are generally less prevalent as the decades roll on (granted this is also evident world-wide). 100 years ago most of Europe was run by a dozen Emperors, Kings and Queens who were mostly all related (lol @ accountability). There are no more Rothschilds/Habsburgs.

"The chain which can be yanked is not the eternal chain." -- G. Fitch