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Journal Journal: SpaceFlight - The Future 1

Space Flight

It's amazing. A new era has began for space flight geeks like me. SpaceShipOne is quickly becoming the privitization superheroes of space flight. MainlyMartian has a pretty good article about what has happened recently.

Frankly, I'm very excited about a lot of new things happening in the near future (ie 1-10 years). Let's do a run down:

1st Private Spaceflight (yay!)
Space Elevator Contest (we'll know by 2010)
Inflatable Space Stations (great potential there)
Public Zero G Flights (at 3K a pop)
Private Moon Base? (I wish!!!)

Now lots of people are wishing they could have seen Charles Lindbergh cross the Atlantic Ocean aren't there? Why would anyone want to miss these things?

I can't wait to see what our lives are going to be like in the future. Where will we be living Mars, the Moon, Earth, some not yet built orbital space station? Mmmm... I'm loving it.


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Journal Journal: Gmail Invites Get em while you can

It seems that Google gives to those who give. I just gave out 4 invites and I have 6 invites now. They're free, all I need is your email address. I'm guessing that if I give out these 6 I will get more.

You can post on the journal or you can email me. it's



Journal Journal: Gmail Invites 3

I just got 5 Gmail invites. Let me know if you want an account. I'll update you all as I give them out. Thanks.


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