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Linux Business

+ - Venezuela launches Linux 'Bolivarian Computers'->

Submitted by Voline
Voline (207517) writes "In the pursuit of technological independence Venezuela has begun shipping the first 'Bolivarian Computers'. Named after the hero of the South American independence struggle against Spain, they are made by VIT (Venezuela de Industria Tecnológica), which is a joint venture of the Chinese company Lang Chao and the Venezuelan government. The four desktop and single laptop models all run Gnu/Linux. VIT hopes to eventually begin distributing the inexpensive computers throughout Latin America."
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+ - Citizen detainees still have habeas rights->

Submitted by rocketgoldstar1962
rocketgoldstar1962 (1031988) writes "The 4th Circuit ruled today that the Military Commissions Act cannot strip citizens classed as enemy combatants of their habeas corpus rights. Perhaps the most fundamental principle in western jurisprudence, habeas corpus allows a detained person to challenge their detention in court."
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