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User Journal

Journal: UGA = SEC and CITRUS BOWL Champs

Journal by ThresholdRPG

Another great year for UGA! I just peeked at my journal and figured I may as well update it with UGA's most recent success. :)

UGA really tried to lose their game to Purdue, but Lumpkin's gutsy run in OT finished them off.

My prediction for 2004/2005: UGA will be national champs.

With both David Green and David Pollack returning, the offensive line maturing, the RBs all returning, the WRs returning, and almost the entire defense returning (the loss of Sean Jones hurts), things look great.

User Journal


Journal by ThresholdRPG

UGA 26 - FSU 13

UGA relied mainly on a PUNISHING defense and as a result played VERY conservative on offense. It was a tense but wonderful game!

UGA is returning 9 of 11 defensive starters, and on offense UGA is only losing 1 skill player (WR Terrence Edwards). Sadly, UGA is losing its entire starting offensive line, but the backups have played numerous times throughout the year and they seem to be very good as well.

With Mark Richt at the helm, I am really looking forward to next year.... If only he would dump the stupid 2 Quarterback system that always disrupts the rhythm of the offense and creates this 3-4 series "lull" while it gets back up to speed.

Congratulations Georgia Bulldogs! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

User Journal

Journal: Ok, so I'm going to try this out

Journal by ThresholdRPG

Alrighty. I'm going to try out this journal thing. I'll start simply:

UGA plays FSU in the Sugar Bowl starting in about 10 minutes. I went to UGA law school, grew up mostly in Georgia, and I am a HUGE UGA football fan.

While I cannot shake a bit of disappointment that UGA was one INT away from playing from the National Championship, I am really, really hoping that UGA can put a nice, fat shelacking on FSU tonight. That will really announce that UGA is back in force as a national football powerhouse.

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