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Journal Journal: Work

Well. Not very good at this journal lark am I?


Anyway, everyone was too busy for a party at graduation, they were all too busy graduating, there's a shocker.

Managed to get myself another job with a software company, all going well.

Still writing contactsdb software, driving me nuts.

More evil scheming, managed to get tunnel system for UDP games going for campus. Only problem now is organising a peering point for lots of people, oh and getting permission to do it.

London job cancelled. PITA, but does make moving house so much easier.

Can't sleep. Bleh.

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Journal Journal: Birthday

Well another day... I've tried submitting another story to /. in the hope I've not been beaten to it. One day I'll have my name in LIGHTS! *ahem* Yes on this day I was born, hooray. I'm now going to spend it doing utterly normal boring things. No fun on the horizon just yet. Was thinking of going to Alton Towers, but since I've been up all night I'm feeling rather energyless. Though a couple of hour kip might solve that. Who knows, I might venture to the... cinema and get pizza after. All is not lost though as I might be able to have some kind of party next week when ppl are back for graduation.
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Journal Journal: New account

Well I've finally got myself a /. account after all these years. I never wanted to bother logging in, the standard front page was always good enough for me, but now I really want to "Ask /." so I need an account.

"Love your country but never trust its government." -- from a hand-painted road sign in central Pennsylvania