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Comment: Called US Strategic Command (Score 1) 380

by TKBui (#32843930) Attached to: Crack the Code In US Cyber Command's Logo
Called US Strategic Command to get an understanding of the decision process to selecting MD5 as the crypto method for the logo. Was called backed by a Lt. Commander (same as a Major) who advised that it was just to ref. back to earlier crypto methods. Call US Strategic Command yourself: Media Relations: (402) 294-5659 or (402) 294-4130. Hmmm... Wonder if the military will send black helicopters and SUV's to my location... Oh Tor... hope you are doing what I think your supposed to do. If I get renditioned... can I go to somewhere...

Comment: Re:I'd Rather Drive or Take the Train (Score 1) 408

by TKBui (#28252827) Attached to: In the next 12 months, I expect to travel by air ...
If I have the time, I really enjoy driving. The bridge(s) over the swamps on the 10 in Louisiana. The beautiful view going westbound on the 40 east of Albuquerque, NM. The rock formations in AZ. My personal best time was from Navarre, FL to San Francisco, CA in just under 37 hours ( tag team driving; stopping only for gas and food. ). The cost early 90's was 70MPH all the way. TKBuisan

Carrying Your IT Equipment With You? 128

Posted by Cliff
from the manbags-for-non-metrosexuals dept.
dada21 asks: "As an on-the-go journalist, IT consultant, entrepreneur and blogger, I find myself with way too much stuff. About 5 years ago I started to downsize and cut back to just 2 PCs total (small laptop and PVR desktop), 1 PDA, and 2 cell phones (main and backup). The laptop goes everywhere (doubling as a great GPS center in the vehicle for those long road trips), the PDA does, too. Traveling with all 4 electronic devices is a mess of cables: power/charger, USB, and the like. Everything is light and small but the bulk of all of it adds up. I currently use a Toy Machine messenger bag but it just doesn't work when you're trying to shove a file folder, pen/appointment selection and a day-timer in it. I'll spend the cash, even if it is really expensive, for the convenience, speed and quality for a jack-of-all-bags that can handle the jack-of-all-trades. What bag is the best solution?"

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