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Comment: Quicken/Winamp/D2 (Score 1) 635

by SweetDrake (#47791223) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?
I admit I've never got over Quicken 98 for my personal finance management--still up and running, whether I boot Win7 or Mint. If Win7 is booted when it happens, I'll probably be found dead with Winamp playing in the background; never found a satisfying equivalent, now hardly bothering looking for any replacement. I've long clung to UltraEdit 9, but ultimately let it go for npp once it got the column mode all right. Oh, and I try to stay vi-trained, just in case... As for hardware, I still go running with my tiny Cowon D2, that easily outperforms my Android phone on sound quality, and doesn't take so much pocket place.

Comment: Affordable larger formats (Score 1) 240

As an amateur who has kept the analog way for long, now a happy digital shooter with little interest in the lab alchemy, I understand people still attracted to "old school" photography. In the club I attend, there are a few young adults who regularly sign up for the darkrooms. A student I talked with told me that, even with his limited budget, he was happy to afford second-hand medium format analog cameras -- and other once-pricey toys now discarded by pros. Also, because of the scarcity of film and chemicals, he felt compelled to carefully think out his setup or composition before shooting, which made him quickly progress. In this case, old school may be a good school.

Comment: The geek inside me is dying a little (Score 1) 480

by SweetDrake (#41124953) Attached to: Astronaut Neil Armstrong Has Died
Well, I'm absolutely not related to this great pilot, I wasn't even born when he took his giant step, yet... As a guy whose first (and of course unfulfilled) vocation at 6 yo was astronaut (sorry, firemen, you're still too close to the ground), who watched documentaries on space and astronautics over and over again, who attended an astronomy club at 14, who had a large poster of the man in situ above the bed (I know, it was Aldrin actually), and whose most notable deed in the domain was helping in ruining an innocent bystander's crocodile shoes after a hazardous SaturnV model rocket launch... call me stupid but today, I feel a bit like an orphan.

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