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Comment: Bounce through SSH or use Tor (Score 1) 251

Use OpenVPN in TCP mode (rather than it's default UDP mode).

Then set up local ssh port forwards through a bounce host you know works well.

Instead of going from Peru --> UK instead go from Peru --> Localhost --> SSH bounce host in Germany --> UK.

Or try an onion network like Tor.

Comment: Re:Houses with builtin Faraday cages (Score 1) 243

by SurfTheWorld (#30707426) Attached to: MagicJack Femtocell Gates Cell Traffic to VoIP

hedronist is 100% right.

My house was built in 1953 and is made of brick with plaster walls. Some of the walks have chipped or cracked over the years and underneath the plaster surface is a metallic mesh.

When I'm outside my home my signal is a perfect 4 bars. The minute I step inside I drop to "No Service".

WiFi has problems too and it's transmitting within the house about 2 rooms away.

I wish there was a WiFi solution outside of microwave...

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