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Only 2 problems with your claims,

1) The VA has received one of the largest increases in funding of all government departments and it's been a bipartisan effort to increase available funds for a while now. Their 2003 budget was $50 billion; the 2015 budget is $170 billion and that increase was not all at once but continually over those 12 years.

2) In that same time period patient case loads have only increased about 30% and the majority of those cases are not vets from Iraq and Afghanistan but older vets.

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Pharmaceutical companies, on average, make between 15-20% profit margins. Still high but not quite the 30% people keep claiming on here. They tend to have burst profits that carry forward for a few quarters and then slow down until a new wonder drug is brought to market.

Over the past 5 years some have had quarterly profits as high as 65% (Merck last quarter of 2009) but they also have negative quarters like -4.4 (Merck in last quarter of 2010 of -19 for Bristol-Myers Squibb in 3 quarter of 2012) but overall it's still a very profitable business.

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Regardless of his 'tool' status or not, he was aboard the plane when these extra actions by the gate agent took place. Removing a paying customer who is no longer even interacting with you, over an online complaint they made is just terrible terrible idea.

If the flight attendants lodged the complaint because he was being disruptive while seated then it would be a clear cut case of the customer being in the wrong but from all accounts it was the gate agent that took action AFTER he was already boarded. That's a pretty clear cut case of a spiteful abuse of power.

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As I wrote above, boarding last often mean no storage space in your isle to put you and your children's bags.

An adult with 1 carry-on can easily compensate for the lack of storage and either find another available storage compartment in another isle or ask an attendant and as that is the only thing you have to keep track of the likelihood of forgetting it is low (although even then, not unheard of).

For a parent with 2 children, having your 2 or 3 bags being stored in multiple locations as well as maintaining order of your kids increases the likelihood of something being left behind exponentially.

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Except when traveling with children it's much easier if all your items are within easy reach.

Boarding last often leads to having to store 1 or several of your groups bags in overhead compartments that are not in your isle. For an average adult, taking those few steps one way or the other to grab your bag is no hassle at all, for a parent with a child or 2 having to , A) remember that bag is not with your other bags and B) retrieve it while still maintaining control over your children in a unusual environment, can be a real pain.

And for the record I don't have any children but have flown more than enough times either with family members or simply just on planes with people with kids to understand the simple logic for allowing families with children to board first.

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And if you look at the links you'll notice they aren't dealerships at all. Some of the descriptions outright say you cannot buy cars there, just get information about the models to use when purchasing one online.

You can buy Tesla T-shirts and hats though.

Size and layout-wise they are closer to resembling the cellphone store in the mall below my office than a car dealership.

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Google ACA Mandate extensions.

For that matter google any of the dozens of changes made to the ACA by executive fiat without congressional approval. He's even threatened to veto a congressional proposal to pass a modification of the ACA that did exactly what he did with an EO.

There are parts of the ACA that were intentionally left vague to give the HHS a lot of wiggle room to make policy decisions but most of those are made within HHS, almost all of the decisions about the ACA made directly from the White House are in direct violation of the law and have nothing to do about unfunded mandates and much more to do with avoiding uncomfortable situations just prior to important election periods.

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The issue is Tesla is not the limited number of Tesla dealerships, it's that Tesla's business model doesn't include ANY dealerships.

You don't go to a dealer to look at a Tesla and then order one after a long draw out conversation about pricing, you go to the Tesla website and custom build the car you want and order it. Even their brick and mortar locations (more likely a mall kiosk) are generally only information booth style setups to direct people to their website to complete the ordering process.

They don't have dealerships and don't want them but many states have laws specifically outlawing direct sales of cars with no real justification except that allowing direct sales would hurt existing dealerships. For Tesla to sell a car legally in those states they would have to introduce a 3rd party to open up a franchised Tesla dealership, a cost and hindrance that really adds nothing to the customer. If you happen to live on one of those states (and the list is growing), you would need to set up a mailing address in another direct sales friendly state to legally order the car you want, which is ridiculous.

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Even the IRS's own IT guidelines states that all Federal Records (emails pertaining to IRS related activities) must be retained indefinitely for FOIA requests. There is no 6 mount opt out. It's also federal law that those documents be maintained.

The IT department did try to cover themselves by saying that they aren't responsible for storing those records and that EVERY work related email must be printed and then physically stored (like that was ever going to happen).

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That group was denied because they expressly stated their goal was the training and election of Democrat women, not female candidates, but Democrat female candidates only. That's like going into a gun shop and on the form stating you are buying a gun to shoot your neighbor and then using that as an example of excessive gun control.

Even so, that same group had already been granted non-profit status at several other branches.

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