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Comment: Re:Notepad has the same problem as an IDE. (Score 1) 627

by SpeedBump0619 (#46336087) Attached to: Does Relying On an IDE Make You a Bad Programmer?

Then once you sit down, its about reading the code, analyzing it, re factoring it, debugging it. For all those things, typing is almost irrelevant. If your typing efficiency actually makes a dent in your productivity in the grand scheme of things, your job is probably outsourcable.

This, right here, is the point. I can type in text in just about any editor ever created. But navigating through a pile of code I don't know, to find how it's structured, its call chains, what data belongs to which subsections? That's where a good IDE provides true value to me.

I use SlickEdit because it has the most functional code navigation I've found. Ctrl-/ and a sub-windows shows me every reference to a symbol, in a tagged list showing each reference, by file, and information about where it was referenced (in what scope) and how (defined, declared, called, assigned, read, other). Click on one of them and I'm taken to that reference. Ctrl-. and I'm taken to the definition of the symbol my cursor's on; Ctrl-, and I'm back where I came from (to an arbitrary depth). I use this to navigate through unfamiliar code following through call chains and data structures. 20 years ago I used grep, a text editor and a whiteboard (foo.c:782, foo.h:94, foo.c:122, bar.h:15, qux.s:343), but never again.

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Also...It sometimes help to remember that half of us have below average intelligence.

I'm not sure what this statistical tautology has to do with anything.

The average of 101, 101, 101, and 97 is 100, but 3/4 of the sample is above the average. Also, since it's an extremely large sample size and there's a relatively large number of people who are exactly average intelligence, the number of people below (and above) the average will be less than 50%.

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Given this demo from two years ago using a single hacked Kinect I have to believe that the technology is only going to improve. As long as the camera isn't occluded the 3D point data can be used to map sections of the 2D image onto a mesh created from the 3D point cloud. Then the camera can be virtually re-positioned and the scene rendered. Most of this is pretty easy using commodity hardware rendering engines.

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This is also doesn't feel like Jihadists...

Indeed. Jihadists would have put the second device in the rubble of the first, made the delay closer to 5 minutes than 20 seconds, and would have made it much larger. This is clearly by someone too concerned with his own safety to do it "right". Thank heavens.

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Does it have to be an invisible pink unicorn?

If it's invisible it can't be pink.

I would buy Pink or Invisible Unicorns though, as long as their hooves are crunchy!

Actually I believe both invisible and pink is a logical necessity: If it's at the event horizon light wouldn't be able to escape. Also, I can't imagine a way a unicorn would kill an astronaut that wouldn't involve blood-shed. I'd have to imagine that the unicorn would be covered in a fine mist of blood. So, indeed: Killed by an invisible pink unicorn.

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Not surprisingly. Don't make the mistake of seeing the conservatives as being against the people, and the liberals being for the people. It's all over the board.

Exactly. It's totally foolish to think the liberals are for the people. No one is for the people. Once you realize that at least you'll start to understand politics in the US.

Comment: Blue Ribbon Project Sees New Use (Score 1) 976

When I was in high school I did a science fair project studying the levels of CO2 generated by exhalation from different people. The most interesting finding was that there was a high (positive) correlation between average exercise levels and CO2 exhalation levels. Given this highly scientific finding I propose extending this new tax on bicycle riders to all healthy people: They are ruining the environment with their toxic exhalations.

That dozen doughnuts? That's my tax shelter.

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