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Comment Re:Other market opportunities... (Score 1) 153

1.) Judging from the complaints about its lack of stealthiness, I doubt its going to hide in the bushes. Have they considered an electric motor? Probably doesn't work for the same reason the electric car hasn't overtaken the automobile market yet: the inconvenience of needing a large enough battery and a place to charge it. But as the technology matures, they can revisit this. I like the rest of your ideas though.

Comment Re:Free what? (Score 1) 152

You do realize that one of the reasons we use taxes to pay for police and fire services is because the threats they deal with don't affect only one person. For example, a house fire in a densely populated neighborhood doesn't just threaten one house, but the surrounding houses as well. That's why this is an instance I have yet to see a libertarian object to paying taxes for. Health and education can be a bit more abstract. Most communicable diseases (and damn CDC definitions, I'm including food-borne illnesses or cross-contamination in this as well) come down to sanitation issues, IMO another valid use of tax dollars. Meanwhile, injuries and non-communicable diseases don't tend to immediately affect others outside that person's social circle, and certainly not society as a whole. And the success or failure of education comes down to what one sets as the end goal of that education, which varies from person to person, and consequently government isn't adept at figuring out since government solutions by and large wind up being one-size fits all.

Comment Inflatible decoys? Thats crazy! (Score 1) 82

I had been playing Metal Gear Solid 5 a lot recently, and in that game there are inflatable decoys (of personnel, not materiel). I had thought that this was another one of Hideo Kojima's outlandish bits of in-game humor, but after learning about this, apparently is isn't so far fetched after all.

Comment Re:Dear Mr FBI (Score 1) 347

My first thought was that this could be damning of law enforcement, but the flaw in this argument is the fact that law enforcement officers as a consequence of their job intentionally engage dangerous individuals, whereas trouble is unlikely to befall most individual citizens minding their own business.

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