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Comment Re:Typical liberal thinking (Score 1) 735

I don't take the specifics of the post seriously, but the idea that this fear-mongering in the press about global warming is really a power grab by statists at the national and international levels isn't new. By and large, who is paying for the studies that indicate mankind is largely responsible for changes in climate? Who stands to gain from the public policy changes (i.e. increased regulations, carbon taxes, etc) implied to be necessary to stem the tide of these changes? The answer to both questions is government. It increases their power over both commerce, and over ordinary people's lives. The more influence they have, the more influence they have to peddle. Corporations also pay for their own studies, and I should say their results should be looked at just as critically. My point in focusing on government in this case is because I too often see cognitive dissonance regarding "following the money," with people only doing so when private firms/individuals are involved, but never governments.

Comment Re:Ok first... (Score 1) 162

Aside from the Brits chiming in on this, I remember Alton Brown swearing by an electric kettle as a multitasker. Aside from water for tea, he recommended it for boiling eggs because of the auto-shutoff feature, which avoids overcooking resulting in a rubbery texture. It has other uses as well, even if it's just to free up a burner on your stove if you're prepping a large meal.

Comment Re:/. is now /SJW (Score 1) 187

I think you've missed my point. Saying a real engineer wouldn't worry about social media is flawed. Plenty of engineers have used social media, and I'm almost certain some subset of those care about other people's opinions, even those on expressed via social media. Engineers don't check their humanity at the door when they start an engineering job.

Comment Re:We need to stop people from wasting money. (Score 1) 112

You're the person who made it "those damn poor people." All I'm saying is that as the money supply increases (in this case, artificially), the educational institutions will step up to the trough to gobble up more, not merely by taking on more students, but by increasing prices because their price increases will be more easily accommodated by government (which doesn't care what it costs) than by consumers (who will, even if imperfectly, will at least weight whether or not the expense makes sense for them).

Comment Re:Got fission? (Score 1) 554

It would be fission where I live, too. But to be more blunt about my point, it's some people assume their environmental impact is lessened when they adopt certain practices or technologies, when it reality, more often, it's trading one problem for another. Energy consumption by incandescent light bulbs vs. mercury in florescent bulbs (though the maturation of LED lighting has mitigated this). Gasoline and diesel exhaust vs. battery disposal from hybrid and electric cars. And then, of course, there's the matter of how electricity charges an electric car, which varies by region. Often enough, something is burning to generate it, not to mention environmental impacts from spent nuclear fuel, or damming rivers, etc.

Comment Re:We need to stop people from wasting money. (Score 1) 112

Colleges have learned and adapted to the free market system...

I'll stop you right there. With the number of federal, state, and local subsidies in the form of the subsidized federal student loan program (which, for full disclosure, I participated in), and merit- and need-based grants unbalancing the supply of funding for college, we don't have a free market. And it is because of all the extra money made available by the government interference in the marketplace that has helped to drive college costs even higher than they might be otherwise. It's the law of supply and demand -- the schools want (or need if they want to maintain their current size) to soak up the supply of extra money. Without these programs, colleges and universities would have to price their offerings to be more affordable in order to compete with each other and other continuing education programs like trade schools.

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