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Comment: C# is liked by even a C/Unix programmer (Score 2, Informative) 817

by SlashingComments (#14330718) Attached to: Learning Java or C# as a Next Language?
I was a hard core Unix/C person--basically a Unix whore who can pretty much work on any unix platform without much problem.

To me language is a Tool only--I have no religion about it (I am pretty religious about OSs though) and to that end this is my liking.

C - started on it, so natually like it

C++ - hated it, very complex language

PERL - great one but it is too similar to C and I have difficulty coding in it.

Java - too heavy and too much bullshit programmers blaming everything other than their own code and Sun is hoping that they will just spec out the classes and someone else will do the hardwork of coding it while they retain the control--yeaaah right! I hated it

C# - Very nice language. I wish they did not get rid of "printf" type routines, other than that, this is a very good tool.

This is just my perception. MSFT may be evil for now, but if being evil does not increase their profit margin, they will come around and be saint! And when that happens, I bet they will smell and look like Linux and the old unix whore will happly work on that ...

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