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The First Photograph of a Human 138 138

wiredog writes "The Atlantic has a brief piece on what is likely to be the first photograph (a daguerreotype) showing a human. From the article: 'In September, Krulwich posted a set of daguerreotypes taken by Charles Fontayne and William Porter in Cincinnati 162 years ago, on September 24, 1848. Krulwich was celebrating the work of the George Eastman House in association with the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Using visible-light microscopy, the George Eastman House scanned several plates depicting the Cincinnati Waterfront so that scholars could zoom in and study the never-before-seen details.'"

Comment: Re:If they stopped ripping of students... (Score 1) 419 419

I have to agree. Being in an online college, I have rarely had the need to read the books. I search for the information I need, do the work, and turn it in. I think, in the time I have been in online learning, I have read a chapter and skimmed most of it. I have been attending the online college for two years now.

Comment: Better for the Collegiate Community? (Score 1) 419 419

I have not read any of the replies to this, but I would like to put in my two cents. My mother went back to school when I was 15 to get her nursing degree. During that time, we had to pinch every penny and sometimes wonder how we were going to make rent because she needed books for school. It appeared that every time she started a new course the books just changed so she was having to buy new. I currently am working and attending college online. I am glad that I have this opportunity and the books are all e-books. The books come in PDF format enabling me to find the information I need without having to read the entire section to find it. I am also able to work more efficiently when having quizzes and exams because the information is right there on the same screen if I need a refresher. The cost of the books are included in the tuition for the class and is not an astronomical amount to be able to download it for personal use. The books are password protected so if you are not enrolled you can not access them to be able to "pirate" them for other uses. I have to say that this might be a really good way to go for the collegiate community. I know it will do a lot of good for the students who are attending these classes.

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