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Journal: I don't write in here NEARLY enough...

Journal by ShadeEagle

Here's the SE Definitions of the moderation system.

Troll: Someone who is posting something WAY off-topic, and is being offensive at the same time. And offensive is in the eye of the beholder.

Funny: May not be funny to me, may not be funny to you. But it's funny to someone.

Informative: A nice extension of the story. More insight.

Insightful: See informative, but it's not necessarily informative.

Overrated or underrated are used when I believe a comment has been modded up/down too much. I mean, it may be good/bad but it's not THAT good/bad. I don't mod topics up or down using these very often.

You'll note that I've left out a few. There's a reason for that - I believe the moderation system is flawed. The other reason is that I don't use the other categories. I also believe that it's also in the eyes of the one doing the modding. One person's informative is another's repeated knowlege.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal: It's time for another SE Dictionary entry!

Journal by ShadeEagle


"Do you want to buy a mountain bike?"

is 'Drunken Downtown Winnipeg Weirdo' for

"May I please sit next to your friend in this arcade, play around with the joystick pretending to play, and make weird noises while I'm at it?"

You heard it here first!

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