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Journal: LSN Update

Journal by Robmonster

The LSN Trial system ahs changed.

Check out the link in the sig of my recent posting sto get to an information page.


PC Games (Games)

Journal: LaserSquad Nemesis

Journal by Robmonster

I've written this in response to a post made in a Gaming thread concerning meny peoples lack to gaming time.

I suggest people give LaserSquad Nemesis a try. Its a Play By Email game whereby you control a set of units against another live human opponent. Its very tactical, with depths beyond its initial appearance.

Non subscribers are limited to a single race and a choiuce of only 3 maps, but you can play Non-subscriber games for free for ever. You do not HAVE to register to play, which is a plus :)

When you download the gme you can also play against some volunteer Field Instructors who will take you through the basics.

If anyone wants to give it a try against me then post a reply here. I'll need a valid email address from you to issue the game challenge.

The game is available from The main site is a little out of date, but there is a health forum community to support new players.


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