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Comment: Re:rights?? censorship?? (Score 1) 455

by Rayin (#20312267) Attached to: Wal-Mart Ditches DRM, Keeps Censorship
Why is it wrong and offensive?

Why should you be able to excercise your right to free speech and the owners/executives of Walmart shouldnt be able to excercise theirs? After all, that is all that they are doing.

Its like when the Dixie Chicks were taken off of a lot of radio stations a while back. They were free to say what they wanted. However, if I own a radio station and dont like what they are saying, I should be equally free to voice my opinion by not playing their music.

Business owners deserve freedom of speech just as much as you or I, and there is nothing wrong nor offensive about that, especially considering that Walmart is actually PROHIBITING actual wrong and offensive material from being sold in their stores...

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